Holding the Opening Ceremony of Training on International Standard Commercial Contracting

The Opening Ceremony for the Training on International Standard Commercial Contracting was held at the Ground Floor Meeting Hall of the Ministry of Legal Affairs at 9:30 a.m. today. The Union Minister and Attorney General of the Union H.E. Dr. Thida Oo delivered the opening speech in the ceremony and the Deputy Minister and Deputy Attorney General, Directors General, Deputy Directors General, Directors and legal experts from the partner law firm attended the ceremony.
In the Ceremony, the Union Minister and Attorney General of the Union said that the Commercial Contracts Division of the Legal Advice Department of the Ministry of Legal Affairs has been providing legal services for vetting and giving advice on commercial contracts (drafts), such as Joint-Venture Agreements, Lease Agreements, Build, Operate and Transfer Contracts, Supply Contracts, Loan Agreements, Exploring and Production of Petroleum and Natural Gas Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and Record of Discussion, Consultancy Agreements, Construction Agreements, to be concluded with other contracting parties by government departments and organizations.
The Ministry of Legal Affairs has been implementing its Strategic Plan 2020-2024 with the vision of “Providing Legal Service for Justice”. Goal 2 and Objective 2.1 of the Strategic Plan is “to deliver timely and more effective legal advice”.
The purpose of conducting this training is for the law officers serving in the various departments under the Ministry of Legal Affairs to comprehend the matters of vetting and advising of commercial contracts, to provide effective and efficient advice in a timely manner, and to support on international standard commercial contracting and other contracting matters.
The Ministry has been enhancing the capacity of each law officer at the various levels of law offices to perform effectively their duties and functions of the departments, endeavoring to strengthen cooperation within department, conducting training in collaboration with partner organizations. 
In the training, subjects including General Commercial Clauses, Share Purchase Agreement, Build, Operate and Transfer Agreement, Joint Venture Agreements will be taught and the training will support law offices in reducing the time consuming for vetting commercial contracts and providing effective and qualified legal advice. 
The law offices attending the training need to learn and note well during the training course and it will enhance their abilities by understanding international standard commercial contracts and other contract matters.
A total of 60 trainees from the Ministry of Legal Affairs attended the training. 
(MOLA’s News)